Kint Institute

Restoring Connection through the Arts

The Arts have been the voice of healing, celebration, grieving, ritual, restoration, and community since long before medicine and psychology.

Take your clinical practice to the next level with advanced, post-Masters training in creative arts therapies specifically for trauma treatment.


Student Testimonials

  • Kint is one of the few spaces that I have found to be extremely proficient in the practice of trauma. I have found that in other trainings, such as those purely CBT or psychodynamic, although valuable, there was a lot lacking. The Kint faculty understand the intricacy of trauma beyond other orientations’ conceptualizations. They trained us to be flexible and creative to approach our clients with strength and sensitivity. Manuals and one-way thinking didn’t work for me. Instead, I left Kint with a deeper knowing and internalized understanding of how to become a vehicle for healing trauma.

    Dana, psychologist
  • Although trauma work can be incredibly challenging, the compassionate faculty offered a variety of creative ways to transform trauma. My experience with Kint Institute has sparked my creativity and reaffirmed my love for what I do. I have connected deeply with my potential for healing and creative play, and I feel more confident in trauma processing.

    Marissa, art therapist
  • This training was a pivotal point in my career. The process of furthering my education while having the opportunity to acquire highly effective tools for trauma treatment has given me a new found confidence in my identity as a clinician. I am proud to display my certificate on my office wall, knowing I am equipped to approach trauma therapy with an advanced skillset.

    Natalie, drama therapist
  • Kint has provided me with a community within which to ground, deepen my knowledge/working philosophy, and refresh my spirit.

    Barbara, drama therapist
  • The things that I have learned about myself as a clinician—and as a person—will reverberate with me for a long time to come.

    Renée, art therapist
  • As a clinician who has always been interested in, but not formally trained in the creative arts therapies, I have found the Kint Institute teachings to be invaluable. It has been a remarkable experience to learn directly from experts in the various fields of creative arts therapy who also have mastery in working with trauma. Furthermore, the time that Kint Institute staff have devoted to building a supportive community of teachers and students is deeply appreciated, and this aspect of the training weekends has been particularly enriching.

    Sarika, psychologist
  • I am fully enjoying the time I spend with the Kint instructors and my cohort of trainees. My understanding of trauma treatment is being nourished through thoughtful articles, lectures, case presentations, and Expressive Therapy experientials. As an art therapist, I have considered several different trauma certificates but ultimately chose Kint because of the dynamic Expressive Arts Therapist instructors and their progressive orientations. My perspective on myself in this work has been shifting in response to inspiring guest speakers, case consultation, and learning from a group of diverse and intellectually and emotionally curious peers.

    Marianne, art therapist
  • Participating in the Kint training this year has been a valuable experience for me. I have learned new and important information about trauma, met extremely competent presenters and experts in the trauma informed creative arts therapies world, befriended amazing people in my cohort, and, maybe most importantly, I have been stimulated to think “bigger” and at the same time keep my practice more simple. I can recommend this training to anyone who is open to using creative and expressive art in their work with trauma survivors.

    Rebekka, dance/movement therapist